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Exploring the Best Fender Flare Brands in the Market

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Different Types of Fender Flares: Which One is Right for You?

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Top 5 Benefits of Installing Fender Flares on Your Truck

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Quality & Price

All Maple4x4 products are meticulously crafted by carefully selected manufacturers in both the United States and overseas, ensuring adherence to the highest OE quality standards. Our parts stand tall in comparison to those offered by renowned brands or even original equipment (OE) factory parts in the industry. The pride we take in our designs and manufacturing process is evident in every product we create.

The answer is straightforward: when you choose Maple4x4, you're buying directly! Each order is shipped straight from our OEM manufacturers or our own warehouses in the United States, ensuring a seamless delivery by UPS directly to your doorstep. With no middlemen's commission, no storefront fees, and no advertising expenses, we pass on the savings directly to you. Our loyal customers are our greatest advertisements, and our high-volume shipping orders enable us to offer some of the lowest shipping rates in the industry. These cost savings are reflected in our prices, allowing us to provide you with exceptional quality at affordable rates when compared to other local brands.


To install the seal strip, simply place it on the top of the bulkhead/tailgate or wherever you notice a gap between the truck bed and the cover. It's important to note that if all four sides are tightly sealed and flush, the seal strip may not be necessary.

You can make some adjustments to ensure proper functionality. One adjustment involves pulling the rails as close to the latch as possible, ensuring that the distance between the latch and rails is not greater than 1/16". Additionally, if the vinyl is either too tight or too loose, it may affect the latch. In such cases, another adjustment you can try is adjusting the tension plates on both rails. Ensure that both tension plates are set to the same scale on both sides. By following these steps, you should be able to achieve a proper latch for the cover.

Driving on highways is not advisable while using the product. However, it is acceptable to do so on regular roads. Ensure that you have securely fastened the safety clamp to the side rails for added safety and stability.

It is generally not advisable to use automatic car washes with wax treatments, as the wax can potentially harm the vinyl and the car wash brushes may damage the thread on the cover. It is recommended to opt for touchless car washes instead, as they provide a safer option for cleaning your vehicle without causing any potential damage.

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