2004-2021 Ford F150 (8ft Bed)
2004-2021 Ford F150 (8ft Bed)


2004-2021 Ford F150 (8ft Bed) Soft Quad-Fold Vinyl Tonneau Cover For Truck Bed

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2004-2021 Ford F150 (8ft Bed) Folding tonneau covers offer great protection for your gear with an easy-open and versatile design.

Folding tonneau covers have all the convenience of soft covers with the structure and security of a hardcover.

2004-2021 Ford F150 (8ft Bed) Easy to install and simple to remove, folding truck bed covers keep your gear protected without slowing you down.

Whether you want one panel open or open access to your entire bed, folding bed covers are ready for the job.

Tailored to the specifications of your truck, folding tonneau covers are custom-fit for your pickup.




  • 1 X Quad-Fold Soft Tonneau Cover
  • Hardware 

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